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‘Fantastic Four’ Casting Rumor Found As Reed Richards’ Long-Lost Sister Finally Revealed

Fantastic Four Reed Richards Marvel Cinematic Universe
Marvel Comic Art – Disney


Fantastic Four #46

The Fantastic Four are formally the Fantastic Five as Reed Richards long-lost sister seems in comics – however she hates her brother for a really comprehensible motive. Marvel’s first household has solely grown bigger because the collection progressed – Reed and his wife Sue had two children and Ben Grimm has adopted two kids of his personal, alongside along with his spouse Alicia Masters. But in Fantastic Four #46, Joanna Jeffers meets her equally-allerative brother Reed – and despises him alongside along with his father.

The Fantastic Four have achieved rather a lot in a remarkably quick period of time. Writer Dan Slott lastly debuted his long-awaited Fantastic Four: Reckoning War crossover occasion, during which the sins of the Watchers had been lastly revealed (and practically destroyed the universe consequently). Richards sacrificed his life to fire the Ultimate Nullifier, however the Watcher information he had absorbed at the start of the occasion allowed him to outlive the blast. With the universe lastly restored, Slott crafts Fantastic Four #46 as a coda of kinds to his run, and ties up many unfastened ends whereas additionally revealing one final main plot thread for future writers: Reed Richards’ sister, who has loathed her father for many years.

Fantastic Four Reed Richards Marvel Cinematic Universe Penn Badgley

Fantastic Four #46, written by Dan Slott with artwork by Cafu, begins with Richards finding his sister in the midst of the ocean on a scientific expedition. Reed takes her to the Baxter Building to satisfy his spouse Sue and greatest pal Ben Grimm, then to Spyre to see the Human Torch finally cured of his everlasting flame. But when requested to be a member of the household on a extra everlasting foundation, Joanna sadly solutions no. After an sudden detour to the miniaturized universe of Sub-Atomica, Joanna lastly explains her selection. “You’re [Dad’s] favourite. He left me and my mom behind too!…it is your life that Nathaniel Richards retains popping again into. You’re the one who was despatched his final message…when Pop leaves anybody else, he stays away. But not Reed Richards.”

Fantastic Four Reed Richards Marvel Cinematic Universe
Reed Richards – MARVEL

Also Disney has simply introduced the director of Fantastic Four, WandaVision’s Matt Shakman. Now all that’s left is to disclose the forged, which would be the central quartet and certain Doctor Doom.

But one actor retains being introduced up greater than most, and the extra he’s, the much less it looks as if the fan-cast John Krasinski will find yourself being extra than simply that Multiverse of Madness Illuminati cameo.

Once once more, a well-known identify has surfaced. Past rumors about forged lists have stated that Disney is pursuing You actor Penn Badgley to play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic. And trade journalist Devin Faraci just talked about how Badgley is outwardly the frontrunner, versus a extra various idea like casting a black Reed Richards as a substitute.

“I’ve lengthy been stumping for a Black Reed Richards. I believe John David Washington could be an unbelievable Reed Richards, I imply I’ve been stumping for this without end, and I’m not going to get it. I’m not going to get a Black Reed both. [Reed Richards] goes to be very conventional, is my guess.”

“The guys that [Marvel Studios] been speaking to about it are all white guys. That man [Penn Badgley] from the present You, who in all probability has the function already, frankly, he is a white man. They’re going with the usual… And he is terrific, by the way in which, that is a good selection. But, they are going very classical.”

Marvel has very, very hardly ever ever modified the race or gender of established superheroes, though a latest rumor did say they could possibly be pursuing Better Call Saul’s Giancarlo Espositio to play Professor X, which might be a excessive profile instance. But that…has not occurred but, and basically all main characters within the MCU have mirrored the race of their counterparts within the comics up to now, with solely uncommon exceptions (Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury, Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, Zendaya’s MJ). Marvel has began having extra various actors in lead roles, however these once more, are simply matching comedian characters like Shang-Chi or Ms. Marvel.

would be a bit shocked if all 4 members of the Fantastic Four had been white actors, nonetheless. It will not be Reed Richards who isn’t, however we’ll see in regards to the others. Previously, we had a black Johnny Storm performed by Michael B. Jordan within the very unhealthy Fantastic Four reboot a couple of years again. But we’ll see what occurs this time.

As for Penn Badgley himself, he graduated from Gossip woman to You, the Lifetime serial killer collection that Netflix purchased and it turned a megahit. He definitely does have the Reed Richards “look,” and it’s straightforward to see why Disney could also be wanting him for the half if they’re trying to go for a full-on comedian model that’s not simply utilizing Krasinski once more. As quickly as Kevin Feige admitted that was him bowing to fan casting for a little bit of enjoyable, I figured Krasinski wouldn’t land the precise half.

Again, all simply rumors for now and we’ll must see what truly occurs. Expect some solutions within the subsequent few weeks right here, I think about.

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