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Now You Can Get One Of Wingstop’s Hen Sandwiches For Free. Read How ?

Wingstop Restaurants - Chicken sandwich
Wingstop’s Hen Sandwiches – Reference Image only

The hen sandwich wars, that mania that has been sweeping fast meals chains all through the nation to see who would possibly make the perfect hen sandwich since 2019, has saturated the market with dozens of the so-called “best” hen sandwiches in the marketplace. These largely embrace the similar components of bun, crispy hen breast, and pickles, with little variation all through utterly totally different consuming locations’ recipes. Wingstop says its entry into the sandwich wars, however, merely might convey one factor new to the “world of boring breaded sandwiches with solely plain or spicy to pick out from” (by PR Newswire).

Aside from its namesake wings, the Texas-based chain has simply currently expanded into serving up totally different elements of the chickens. In 2021, Wingstop delved into selling hen thighs when the value of hen wings rose better than 300% (by CNN). And this yr, perhaps determined to fulfill up with opponents like KFC and Popeyes, the mannequin developed a completely new menu merchandise, saying that the Wingstop hen sandwich is perhaps accessible nationwide in September. To ring throughout the launch, the chain will give tens of 1000’s of customers a sandwich without charge

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According to a corporation press launch, Wingstop’s hen sandwich stands out in that there’s not just one mannequin, nevertheless a dozen. Like the chain’s wings, you could request to your hen filet to be tossed in your different of sauce, ranging from lemon pepper and barbecue to garlic Parmesan and spicy Korean kind. While the menu merchandise seems to adjust to the standard formulation for the mainstream hen sandwich with bun and pickles, the inclusion of sauces does allow for some new customization for the patron. In reality, Wingstop is so assured in its sandwiches that it’s ready to supply 100,000 of them out without charge — provided you “break up” alongside along with your earlier hen sandwich chain.

Wingstop says it will give free sandwiches to the first 100,000 of us ready to make their “breakup” with their earlier chain official. This consists of going to Wingstop’s Chicken Sandwich Split site and signing a “breakup letter” in change for a code for a free sandwich. People who want out of their relationship with McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A, for regardless of objective, ought to sign the letter sooner than September 5 to keep away from losing their $5.49.

Other than this announcement from Wingstop, the hen sandwich battlefield has been pretty quiet throughout the later half of 2022 — which can very effectively be because of the finger meals that’s altering the hen sandwich wars. Could Wingstop’s sandwich be the yr’s closing primary entry to the opponents?

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